Randy Skretvedt 1989 and 2009 Interviews

by Steve Wichrowski

1989 Interview

Here is an interview with author Randy Skretvedt talking with roving reporter Steve Wichrowski in 1989. Randy discusses how he worked on his very popular book "Laurel and Hardy - The Magic Behind the Movies" and reveals the contents of a letter he received from Exhausted Ruler Jack McCabe.

You can also hear about some of the interviews Randy conducted for his book including one which he found fascinating and provided much valuable detail.

2009 Interview

The Nutty Nut News Network presents a new, enthusiastic and informative interview with Laurel and Hardy author and longtime member of the Sons of the Desert, Randy Skretvedt. This presentation is filled with background information on how Randy interviewed scores of Laurel and Hardy related celebrities for his very popular book "Laurel and Hardy: The Magic Behind the Movies".

We hear how he began doing interviews in the early 1970s and in particular about his successful encounters with studio boss Hal Roach. Randy also reveals which celebrity he was the closest to and with whom he produced a record album. (Randy gives details on how to order a CD copy of this.) The commentary on the 20th Century Fox DVD release of "The Big Noise" is discussed and Randy reappraises his evaluation of that film.

This interview is loaded with behind the scenes information and fascinating details concerning a number of Laurel and Hardy co-stars, including Bob Bailey ("Jitterbugs", "The Dancing Masters"). In addition, Randy tells us how he came to acquire personal snapshots and written material belonging to Babe Hardy.

And finally, we hear from Randy about some new projects including an upcoming revised and expanded version of his book. This 20 minute plus interview is accompanied with a photo of Randy holding the sizeable Hardy scrapbook album.