TOMMY 'BUTCH' BOND 1992 Interview

by Scott MacGillivray

Laurel and Hardy author Scott MacGillivray sat down with Tommy 'Butch' Bond at the Sons of the Desert 8th International Convention at Las Vegas in 1992, this is the exclusive audio from that indepth and revealing interview.

This material has never been made available online before now and has suffered slightly before being transferred to MP3 for The Nutty Nut News Network, it is nonetheless an invaluable piece of Hollywood, Our Gang and Laurel and Hardy history.

Born September 16th, 1926 in Dallas, Texas, Thomas Andrew Bond is best knows for his work as a child actor in Hal Roach’s Our Gang or Little Rascals series of short films. Tommy was spotted aged only five by a Roach talent scout who thought ‘he had a great face’. Tommy’s career spanned many decades after this fateful day. Listen as Butch tells the story of how his career developed in his own words for the first time with this exclusive online presentation from The Nutty Nut News Network.

Dedicated to the memory of Tommy 'Butch' Bond 1926-2005